Training & Development

Providing our attorneys opportunities to advance and develop is a core value at Jenner & Block.  We make sure we have programs in place that will help you develop new skills, broaden your experience and achieve your career goals.  With resources and mentors to guide you along the way, Jenner & Block provides a supportive and dynamic environment where you can skills you need to achieve success. 

Competencies and Benchmarks
The firm has identified competencies that are key to an associate’s success. They include taking personal responsibility, showing initiative, problem-solving, displaying confidence, exercising professional judgment and effectively communicating with others. Departments also have written benchmarks that identify the specific milestones that associates in their groups need to advance. The competencies and benchmarks provide a clear understanding of the skills and experiences needed to progress at Jenner & Block. The competencies and benchmarks are useful tools for associates – they help guide associates when they are looking for work assignments, selecting pro bono projects and participating in training programs.  We discuss an associate’s progress with respect to the benchmarks each year at his/her annual review meeting.  We use the benchmarks to identify goals for the coming year. 

Performance Reviews
All associates participate in the firm’s performance review process. For second-year associates and above, this process begins in the fall and culminates with a meeting with members of the firm’s Associate Development & Evaluation Committee.  The meeting is designed to provide you with feedback and includes a discussion on your goals for the year ahead.  First years and experienced attorneys who join throughout the year participate in a six-month review process designed to give them feedback and help them fully integrate into the firm.

Career Development Plan Program

At the start of your fourth year, you enroll in the Career Development Plan Program (CDPP).  The CDPP is designed to support you as you move into a new stage in your career and professional development. 

Through a series of lectures and small group workshops, you learn the skills needed to develop and advance toward partnership, including the basics of business development, law firm management and how to manage, delegate, and supervise others on a team.  

As associates become more senior, they attend business development 2.0 class and can sign up for one on one coaching with an external business development coach. 

All participants create their own Career Development Plan that is discussed annually during your formal review meeting and then updated throughout the year.  This is also when participants in the Litigation Department select a primary practice group.  All participants select an advisor with whom you meet twice a year to discuss and update your individual plan. 

The CDP programs include a firmwide kick-off meeting led by the Chief Talent Officer and other senior partners.  We also offered Business Development Workshops designed to help mid and senior level associates begin to develop their external network and to find ways to raise their professional visibility. 

The CDP programs have been well received by associates firmwide.  Many particularly enjoy meeting with the external coach. 

The Career Development Plan also requires you to think about goals for the coming year, ways in which you plan to contribute to your practice group, how you can be a good firm citizen and how to build your network inside and outside the Firm.  As a mid-level associate we also encourage you to pursue such activities as publishing articles, giving speeches and taking a leadership role in an external organization.

On-The-Job Training
A major component of an associate’s development at Jenner & Block comes from “on-the-job training.” We constantly encourage associates to look for work assignments with partners on diverse projects. By doing so, junior associates are able to amass the skills they need to progress at the firm and also identify the types of cases that they enjoy. All associates are encouraged to approach partners and practice group leaders directly to seek out the work experiences they want. On-the-job training also comes through the firm’s pro bono program, which is like no other in the country.

Talent Development Squares

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