Jenner & Block

Talent Development at Jenner & Block

At Jenner & Block, we strive to create and maintain an unrivaled environment for superior talent.  From the moment you join the firm, our goal is to help you become the best lawyer you can be.  Our talent development and training programs are led by a full-time partner, Charlotte Wager, who serves as the firm's Chief Talent Officer.  In addition, all of the firm's partners contribute to our culture of development and learning by participating in our talent development programs.  Many serve as mentors — formal and informal — others teach CLE, all train and guide our associates by providing feedback on a daily basis. Developing talent is a formal expectation of our partners and a defining element of our culture.

During your career with the firm, you will participate in the following:

  • In-depth orientation
  • Continuing Legal Education and other training programs
  • Performance Reviews and
  • Career Development Programs for senior associates

If you have questions about talent development at Jenner & Block, please contact Charlotte Wager, Chief Talent Officer at