Jenner & Block

What Distinguishes Us



Jenner & Block offers a distinctive combination of exceptional people, challenging work and an environment that fosters the development of superior lawyers.  We approach the practice of law not as a job, but as a calling to serve clients, the profession and the community.  Pro bono work is part of our DNA, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because of the unparalleled experience and learning it offers our people.  Our culture demands dedication to excellence and ethics, and our attorneys share strong camaraderie and a focus on teamwork across practice groups and offices.

Exceptional People
If you ask anyone why they choose to work at Jenner & Block, their first answer is always “the people.” Jenner & Block lawyers are exceptional both in their credentials and their approach to their work.

Our people view the law not as a job, but as a calling.  We have a strong sense of curiosity and both a respect and a reverence for the power that comes with practicing law.  We are diverse in our backgrounds and opinions, yet share a passion for delivering excellence and doing the right thing for clients, the community and the profession.  We are independent and entrepreneurial, yet find our real strength in teamwork.  We not only value continuous learning and the mentoring of others, but see it as an essential part of our culture.  Our associates describe our partners as “friendly,” “accessible,” and “collegial.”

In the area of litigation, our attorneys don’t just prepare cases for trial, they are trial lawyers.  More than a third of our litigators have tried a case before a jury and we have 14 Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers.  Among our attorneys are 10 former United States Supreme Court clerks, 87 former United States Court of Appeals clerks, numerous state appellate court clerks, two former U.S. attorneys and numerous former assistant U.S. attorneys.

Challenging Work
Across our many practice areas, Jenner & Block attorneys work on a variety of challenging assignments, from high stakes, high profile litigation and complex transactional deals to pro bono cases on a range of societal issues.  Our attorneys routinely argue cases in state and federal appeals courts and “make law” on key issues.  We’ve argued numerous cases before the United States Supreme Court, including 21 cases in the past seven terms.  We have been involved in some of the most important LGBT civil rights cases in the last 20 years, as well as key affirmative action and housing discrimination suits.  We recently represented General Motors in its complex and historic IPO transaction.  Our attorneys also conducted the definitive investigation into the demise of Lehman Brothers, producing a report hailed as “groundbreaking.” See the “Our Work” section for more details on the work handled by our different practice groups.

Jenner & Block attorneys participate in challenging work assignments no matter what their level.  Matters are leanly staffed, which provides our associates with extensive opportunities for stretch assignments and lots of client contact.  Partners interact regularly with associates and believe strongly in “learning through doing.”  Our associates don’t just read and analyze cases or deal with documents; they work on teams to creatively solve problems.  Our award-winning pro bono practice also provides an avenue to take on new challenges and gain experience early on.

A Culture That Fosters Development
A key component of Jenner & Block’s values is to create and maintain an unrivaled environment for superior talent.  Our vibrant talent management and associate development program is led by a full-time Firm partner, who serves as Chief Talent Officer.  We devote significant resources to managing our talent and running our comprehensive in-house training and development programs.

We believe that fostering superior talent is everyone’s responsibility, and our partners are united in their commitment to developing the “best of the best.”  Partners are trained in giving feedback, and participate regularly in training and mentoring activities.  This is a formal expectation of partners at Jenner & Block and has become a defining element of our culture.  Most partners agree that it is one of the most rewarding aspects of their work.

Our Pro Bono Advocacy
Jenner & Block’s commitment to pro bono work rises above that of other firms — it is in our DNA.  We are committed to devoting at least 5% of our billable hours each year to pro bono matters and we don’t limit the amount of pro bono work our attorneys can undertake.  In 2012, our attorneys contributed more than 77,000 hours to pro bono matters. The American Lawyer has ranked Jenner & Block among the top 10 firms in the country for pro bono work since 1990, placing us at number one in 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 1998.

Our attorneys feel called to serve their communities not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because of the unparalleled opportunities that such service provides for learning and development. Associates can select their own pro bono cases and work with a supervising attorney of their choice.  This allows for broader exposure to partners and areas of law and can be an outstanding way for associates to gain experience quickly.  For example, associates in Litigation routinely appear in state and federal appellate courts on pro bono matters, often within their first year of practice.  In 2009, then associate Lindsay Harrison took an immigration case all the way to the Supreme Court -- and won.

See Your Path At Jenner & Block for more information on the development activities available at each level of the Firm.