News Feed News Description Firm Files Successful Amicus Brief in Case Regarding Government Responsibility for Paying Superfund Clean-up Costs <p> The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit agreed with reasoning in an <a href="">amicus brief</a> filed by the firm in the case of <em>Lockheed Martin Corp. v. United States</em>.</p> <p> The dispute stemmed from the clean-up of three California sites where Lockheed manufactured rockets for the Defense Department.&nbsp; The government entered into an agreement with Lockheed allowing the company to pay its clean-up costs and then receive reimbursement by allocating clean-up costs over time as indirect contract costs charged to the government. After incurring substantial clean-up costs, Lockheed filed a Superfund cost recovery claim against the federal government.&nbsp; In response, the government invoked the Superfund law’s double-recovery bar under a section of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).&nbsp; Lower courts ruled in favor of Lockheed, and the DC court found no double recovery in the case.</p> <p> Filed on behalf of the National Defense Industrial Association and the Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. in support of Lockheed, the brief argues that the government’s position would put contractors that have been undertaking prompt clean-up of hazardous waste sites at a competitive disadvantage “because they will be forced to build environmental remediation costs into their proposals to account for the government’sshare of responsibility for remediating the contamination, as opposed to recovering such costs directly from the government pursuant to CERCLA. This would frustrate CERCLA’s dual purposes of ensuring that environmental cleanup is undertaken promptly and that the cleanup is paid for by those actually responsible for the contamination. This Court should therefore affirm the lower court’s decision that government contractors are not precluded from recovering under CERCLA where those contractors have included environmental remediation as indirect costs under government contracts.”</p> <p> Partner <a href="">Jessica Ring Amunson</a>, one author of the brief, is quoted in a <a href=";;lddty=-518&amp;pcv=">Bloomberg article</a> about the case (<em>subscription required</em>).&nbsp; She observed that the court “rightly rejected the government’s arguments and affirmed that government contractors are not precluded from seeking to hold the government responsible under CERCLA where those contractors have included environmental remediation as indirect costs under their government contracts.”</p> <p> In addition to Ms. Amunson, other authors of the brief included Associate <a href="">Elliot S. Tarloff</a> and former partner Kevin D. Dwyer.</p> 29 Aug 2016 Firm Chairman Receives <i>American Lawyer</i>’s Lifetime Achievement Award <p> Jenner &amp; Block Chairman <a href="">Anthony R. Valukas</a> has been selected to receive <em>The American</em> <em>Lawyer</em>’s Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating lawyers “who have had extraordinary careers … and whose public service contributions have had far-reaching impact.”&nbsp;</p> <p> A <a href="">profile</a> of Mr. Valukas in the publication’s online version notes his involvement in the Operation Greylord judicial corruption investigation when he was US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and enumerates several of his significant private practice engagements – serving as court-appointed examiner in the Lehman bankruptcy, leading the recent GM internal investigation, defending American Airlines in the Flight #587 aviation disaster, and representing Honeywell in a major contract dispute and H&amp;R Block in a high-profile consumer class action.</p> <p> The article also highlights Mr. Valukas’ commitment to pro bono and public service and, on a more personal level, describes how, in 1990, he began mentoring four sixth-grade boys through a program at Cabrini-Green.&nbsp; Although one boy left the program, Mr. Valukas keeps in touch with the other three, who are all college graduates.</p> <p> Mr. Valukas told <em>AmLaw</em>, “If you asked me, ‘Did I do more by being a US Attorney or mentoring to three young men?’ I would say, ‘Mentoring three young men.’”</p> <p> In 2007, Partner <a href="">Thomas P. Sullivan</a> and the firm’s late Chairman Emeritus Jerold S. Solovy were named <em>AmLaw </em>Lifetime Achievement Award honorees.&nbsp; In 2013, retired partner Joan M. Hall received this recognition.&nbsp;</p> <p> Mr. Valukas will be honored at an <em>American Lawyer</em> awards dinner in New York on October 25, at which time Jenner &amp; Block will also be recognized for being named to <em>AmLaw</em>’s A-List.</p> 1 Sep 2016 Firm Ranked Eighth in National Law Journal’s Report on the Largest 50 Offices in the Midwest <p> Jenner &amp; Block moved up two places, to number eight, in <em>The</em> <em>National Law Journal</em>’s list of the 50 largest offices in the Midwest region based on headcount.&nbsp; In the accompanying <a href="">article</a> focusing on the Chicago market, Jenner &amp; Block is described as among the city’s “top tier of firms” that continue to battle for the most expensive, high-stakes assignments.&nbsp; The article also observes that Jenner &amp; Block tends to “command the docket for big-ticket litigation in the Daley Center or Dirksen Federal Courthouse.”&nbsp;&nbsp; Partner <a href="">Joseph P. Gromacki</a>, chair of the firmwide Corporate Practice, notes that during the first seven months of 2016, the firm hired six new partners in its Corporate Practice in Chicago. “These folks are part of our overall strategy of growing our corporate practice and becoming a destination practice not just in Chicago, but nationally,” Mr. Gromacki tells <em>The</em> <em>National Law Journal</em>.&nbsp; “Sure, there is more competition [in Chicago].&nbsp; But I think we continue to capture a very premium, high-end market share.”</p> 29 Aug 2016 Partner Joseph Gromacki Featured in <i>Crain’s</i> Article that Examines His Monticello Library Project <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Joseph P. Gromacki</a> is featured in a <em>Crain’s Chicago</em> article that highlights his ongoing initiative to collect all the books that were once in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Library.&nbsp; Titled “<a href="">Re-creating Jefferson’s Monticello Library One Book at a Time</a>,” the article explains that the project was started by Mr. Gromacki’s grandfather and that he continues the effort to recreate this important historic American library that eventually became the Library of Congress.&nbsp; Calling Mr. Gromacki an “avid arts patron, preservationist and collector,” the article also explores Mr. Gromacki’s interests in history and historic preservation, fine and decorative arts and historic gardens.</p> 1 Sep 2016 Leading Antitrust Lawyer Lee Van Voorhis Joins Jenner & Block's Antitrust And Competition Law Practice <p itemprop="articleBody"> Jenner &amp; Block is pleased to announce that antitrust lawyer <a href="" target="_blank"><span class="xn-person" itemscope="" itemtype="">Lee Van Voorhis</span></a> is joining the firm as a partner in its <span class="xn-location" itemprop="contentLocation" itemscope="" itemtype="">Washington, DC</span> office.&nbsp; Mr. <span class="xn-person" itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> will be a member of the Antitrust and Competition Law Practice as well as the Corporate and Private Equity Practices.&nbsp; With 20 years of experience in antitrust law, he is a multi-faceted antitrust practitioner who has handled a variety of litigation and transactional matters.</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> Mr. <span class="xn-person" itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> has represented clients before <span class="xn-location" itemprop="contentLocation" itemscope="" itemtype="">United States</span> federal antitrust agencies as well as competition agencies in the European Union, <span class="xn-location" itemprop="contentLocation" itemscope="" itemtype="">United Kingdom</span> and other jurisdictions.&nbsp; He has extensive experience shepherding transactions through merger clearance and helping clients conduct business efficiently while mitigating the risk of violating antitrust and competition laws.&nbsp; In particular, he has advised clients on structuring business relationships and counseling their employees on a wide range of antitrust and competition issues.</p> <p id="continue-jump" itemprop="articleBody"> &quot;Lee is a great addition to the firm,&quot; said Jenner &amp; Block Managing Partner <a href="" target="_blank">Terrence J. Truax</a>. &nbsp;&quot;He provides a specific skill set that will help increase our antitrust and competition capabilities to better serve our clients.&nbsp; His experience in both litigation and transactional areas is a great fit with our platform.&quot;</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> Mr. <span itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> has successfully defended clients' transactions from government challenges as well as represented them in litigation and arbitration proceedings.&nbsp; He has particular experience representing organizations in the technology, retail and consumer products, healthcare and media sectors.</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> Mr. <span itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> is one of only a handful of lawyers who have litigated mergers in federal district court, federal circuit court and in FTC administrative proceedings.&nbsp; He led the team for Phoebe Putney Hospital System in defense of its acquisition of a rival hospital.&nbsp; Under his leadership, the team won at the District Court and again in the Eleventh Circuit.&nbsp; After the FTC won at the US Supreme Court (in which Mr. <span itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> did not represent Phoebe), he led the team in the FTC administrative litigation, ultimately securing a settlement allowing Phoebe to keep the target hospital.</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> &quot;We are delighted to welcome Lee to the firm,&quot; said <a href="" target="_blank"><span itemscope="" itemtype="">Ross Bricker</span></a>, chair of the firm's Antitrust and Competition Law Practice.&nbsp; &quot;His capabilities will add to our existing litigation strengths and help continue Jenner &amp; Block's long history of handling significant antitrust matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and other tribunals throughout the country.&quot;</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> Added <span itemscope="" itemtype=""><a href="" target="_blank">Joseph P. Gromack</a>i</span>, chair of the firmwide Corporate Practice, &quot;Lee's deep transactional and counseling experience adds to our depth as we continue to grow the corporate practice.&nbsp; His counseling experience in the context of complex HSR and other antitrust and competition law issues will be invaluable to our clients, particularly in the context of strategic combinations.&quot;</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> Mr. <span itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> has represented numerous large institutions in multi-billion dollar combinations, including representing Reuters in its $17.2 billion combination with the Thompson Corporation.&nbsp; He represented Avaya in its acquisition of Nortel's enterprise solutions business for $900 million as well as achieved antitrust clearance for the transaction in multiple jurisdictions.&nbsp; In addition, he represented Getty Images Inc. in its $96 million acquisition of Jupiterimages Corporation and has provided counsel to a number of institutions including Virtual Radiologic in its acquisition of NightHawk Radiology Holdings and Keystone Foods in the $1.26 billion sale of Keystone to Marfrig Alimentos, the second largest producer of beef in <span itemprop="contentLocation" itemscope="" itemtype="">South America</span>.</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> &quot;I am excited to be joining Jenner &amp; Block and being part of its rich and historic tradition in the antitrust field.&nbsp; This is the right firm for my antitrust and competition skills and I look forward to adding to the firm's existing strengths in this area,&quot; said Mr. <span itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span>.&nbsp;</p> <p itemprop="articleBody"> Mr. <span itemscope="" itemtype="">Van Voorhis</span> joins the firm from Baker &amp; McKenzie, where he was head of the North American Antitrust &amp; Competition Law Practice Group.&nbsp; He received his J.D. in 1996 from Cornell University and his B.A. from Yale University in 1989.</p> 7 Sep 2016 <i>Inside Counsel</i> Features Firm in Examination of Successful Diversity Efforts <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a><strong>, </strong>chair of the firm’s Diversity &amp; Inclusion Committee, and Associate Director of Talent Development, Diversity &amp; Inclusion Jami de Lou are featured in an article about how law firms can improve their diversity initiative results.&nbsp; Titled “<a href="">Diversity Initiatives: Why Isn’t Your Outside Counsel Doing More?</a>” the article in <em>Inside Counsel</em> quotes Ms. Kohlmann saying that the firm’s primary goal is to create an environment where all lawyers can “develop, thrive, advance and succeed.”&nbsp; The article notes that the firm this year participated in the inaugural Women in Law Hackathon, a nationwide initiative aimed to discovering innovative strategies for improving the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in law. &nbsp;Clients also play a critical role in helping to create change, Ms. Kohlmann observes, explaining that the firm is actively involved in a number of programs whereby Jenner &amp; Block partners with in-house counsel.&nbsp; Ms. de Lou says that the whole firm needs to be invested in shaping an inclusive culture:&nbsp; “This is an important part of any diversity-related initiative – people at the highest levels of the organization need to be on board.”</p> 30 Aug 2016 Associates Alexander Bandza and Keisha Stanford Join Associate-Driven Grant Foundation <p> Jenner &amp; Block Associate <a href="">Alexander J. Bandza</a> is a founding member of a unique grant foundation called The Associates’ Committee, and Associate <a href="">Keisha N. Stanford</a> has joined the Committee’s board.&nbsp; Comprising 200 associates from “some of America’s most celebrated law firms,” the Committee awards grants to the most promising and deserving public interest organizations in the country.&nbsp; Grants range from $25,000 to $75,000 and may be used to support any project addressing one of the causes that the Committee supports through the courts or other legal mechanisms.&nbsp; Click <a href="">here</a> to learn more about the Committee, which launched last year.&nbsp; Recently, the Committee announced its first grants to four legal services groups; click <a href=";curindex=1&amp;slreturn=20160812144443">here</a> to read an <em>American Lawyer</em> article and <a href="">here</a> for a Bloomberg <em>Big Law Business</em> article about the grants.</p> 12 Sep 2016 Associates Alexander Bandza and Keisha Stanford Join Associate-Driven Grant Foundation <p> Jenner &amp; Block Associate <a href="">Alexander J. Bandza</a> is a founding member of a unique grant foundation called The Associates’ Committee, and Associate <a href="">Keisha N. Stanford</a> has joined the Committee’s board.&nbsp; Comprising 200 associates from “some of America’s most celebrated law firms,” the Committee awards grants to the most promising and deserving public interest organizations in the country.&nbsp; Grants range from $25,000 to $75,000 and may be used to support any project addressing one of the causes that the Committee supports through the courts or other legal mechanisms.&nbsp; Click <a href="">here</a> to learn more about the Committee, which launched last year.&nbsp; Recently, the Committee announced its first grants to four legal services group; click <a href=";curindex=1&amp;slreturn=20160812144443">here</a> to read a <em>American Lawyer</em> article and <a href="">here</a> for a Bloomberg <em>Big Law Business</em> article about the grants.</p> 12 Sep 2016 Jenner & Block Ranks among Top Five in <i>Crain’s</i> List of Largest Chicago Law Firms <p> Jenner &amp; Block ranks number four, up from number six last year, in <em>Crain</em>’<em>s</em> annual list of the largest Chicago law firms.&nbsp; The list ranks the largest 25 law firms by lawyer headcount in the Chicago area as of June 30.&nbsp; According to the accompanying <a href="">article</a> (<em>subscription required</em>), the firm counts 307 local lawyers, and headcount increases since June 30, 2015, reflect the “largest percentage increase on this list.”</p> 13 Sep 2016 Retired Partner Joan Hall Honored With John Paul Stevens Award <p> Retired Jenner &amp; Block partner Joan M. Hall was selected to receive the 2016 Justice John Paul Stevens Award from the Chicago Bar Association/Chicago Bar Foundation.&nbsp; The award honors Justice Stevens – a Chicago native who began his legal career at Jenner &amp; Block – for his lifelong efforts to improve the system of justice.&nbsp; It is presented annually to lawyers who best exemplify the Justice’s commitment to integrity and public service in the practice of law.</p> <p> Ms. Hall’s professional successes include accomplishments that few attorneys ever achieve, including being named a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, serving as chair of the ABA Section of Litigation, and being one of a handful of lawyers invited to Washington to discuss abuses of discovery procedures with US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger.&nbsp; As a woman who began practicing law at a time when women were not, generally speaking, welcome – or even accepted – in the profession,&nbsp;she was a role model and mentor to other women lawyers, working tirelessly to advance their progress at Jenner &amp; Block and within the legal profession.&nbsp;</p> <p> In her retirement, Ms. Hall went on to devote considerable time and effort to establishing the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, an all-girls public charter school that opened in 2000 and has become one of the most successful high schools in Chicago, consistently ranking among the top in the rate of students attending college.&nbsp; She remains connected to the school to the present time.</p> <p> Ms. Hall was recognized at a luncheon at The Standard Club in Chicago on September 14, 2016.&nbsp; Justice Stevens was the keynote speaker and personally presented with the award.</p> 16 Sep 2016 Partner Sara Tonnies Horton to Serve as Interim Director of Newly Launched PTAB Bar Association <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Sara Tonnies Horton</a> will serve as interim director of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Bar Association, which officially launched on September 16, 2016.&nbsp; The creation of the PTAB Bar Association involved collaboration among more than 45 law firms, including Jenner &amp; Block, over the past several months. The Association’s mission is to promote the highest professional and ethical standards among lawyers and stakeholders who appear before the PTAB; to help establish best practices for the unique practice and skills required before the PTAB; and to foster communication among its various stakeholders.</p> <p> It has been more than 30 years since a national bar association of this scope has been formed. The PTAB Bar Association will provide a forum for communications between the legal community and PTAB officials and its Administrative Patent Judges (APJs), particularly to share best practices and stay abreast of the rule making, procedure, and jurisprudence emanating from the PTAB.</p> <p> The Inaugural Annual Conference of the PTAB Bar Association will take place March 1 and 2, 2017, in Washington, D.C.&nbsp; Please click <a href="">here </a>to learn more about the Association.</p> <p> Ms. Horton concentrates in complex civil litigation focusing on patent issues/technology.&nbsp; Ms. Horton is a seasoned trial attorney and has represented clients in complex patent disputes involving a variety of technologies including pharmaceuticals, polymers, plastic packaging, computer networks, display systems, alloys and baking technology.</p> 19 Sep 2016 Partners Charlie Lightfoot and Lawrence Schaner Recognized in <i>Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration</i> Guides <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partners <a href="">Charlie Lightfoot</a> and <a href="">Lawrence S. Schaner</a> are recognized in two 2017 editions of <em>Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration</em>.&nbsp; Mr. Lightfoot is listed in the inaugural <em>Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration – Future Leaders</em> guide, which features 540 foremost practitioners in the arbitration community aged 45 and under.&nbsp; Mr. Schaner is listed in the <em>Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration 2017</em> guide, which features 847 leading arbitration practitioners, of whom 126 are based in the United States.&nbsp; The <em>Who’s Who Legal</em> guides are developed through independent research with clients and peers.</p> <p> Mr. Lightfoot leads the firm's London-based international arbitration and litigation practices and is the managing partner of the London office.&nbsp; He has extensive experience handling high-value international arbitrations in both the commercial and investor/state arenas.&nbsp;His recent experience includes complex cross-border disputes in a variety of sectors, including energy, financial services, defence and telecommunications.</p> <p> Mr. Schaner is a partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, where he co-chairs the firm’s International Arbitration Practice.&nbsp; He represents parties in commercial disputes before arbitral tribunals and courts and serves as an arbitrator in a wide range of complex business disputes. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.</p> 21 Sep 2016 New York Metro <i>Super Lawyers</i> Recognizes 18 Jenner & Block Lawyers <p> Eleven Jenner &amp; Block partners are selected as 2016 New York Metro <em>Super Lawyers</em>, a peer-review guide to the top five percent of lawyers in New York.&nbsp; In addition, seven lawyers are recognized as “Rising Stars.”</p> <p> The partners and their <em>Super Lawyers</em> practice areas are as follows:</p> <ul> <li> <a href="">Stephen L. Ascher</a><br /> Securities Litigation</li> <li> <a href="">Anthony S. Barkow</a><br /> Criminal Defense: White Collar</li> <li> <a href="">Andrew H. Bart</a><br /> Intellectual Property Litigation</li> <li> <a href="">Kevin T. Collins</a><br /> Mergers &amp; Acquisitions</li> <li> <a href="">Wesley C. Fredericks, Jr.</a> (Of Counsel)<br /> Mergers &amp; Acquisitions</li> <li> <a href="">Katya Jestin</a><br /> Criminal Defense: White Collar</li> <li> <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a><br /> Intellectual Property Litigation</li> <li> <a href="">Richard Levin</a><br /> Bankruptcy: Business</li> <li> <a href="">Gianni P. Servodidio</a><br /> Intellectual Property</li> <li> <a href="">Patrick J. Trostle</a><br /> Bankruptcy: Business</li> <li> <a href="">Richard F. Ziegler</a><br /> Alternative Dispute Resolution</li> </ul> <p> The “Rising Stars” and their <em>Super Lawyers</em> practice areas are as follows:</p> <ul> <li> Partner <a href="">Elizabeth A. Edmondson</a><br /> Business Litigation</li> <li> Partner <a href="">Anouck Giovanola</a><br /> Criminal Defense: White Collar</li> <li> Partner <a href="">Michael W. Ross</a><br /> Business Litigation</li> <li> Associate <a href="">Laura P. MacDonald</a><br /> Business Litigation</li> <li> Associate <a href="">Joshua H. Rubin</a><br /> Business Litigation</li> <li> Associate <a href="">Alison I. Stein</a><br /> Intellectual Property</li> <li> Associate <a href="">Carl N. Wedoff</a><br /> Bankruptcy: Business</li> </ul> 23 Sep 2016