News Feed News Description Firm’s Amicus Brief Urges US Supreme Court to Reject Texas’ Clinic Shutdown Law <p> Jenner &amp; Block filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, National Association of Social Workers, the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and Re:Gender in support of petitioners in <em>Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, </em>the first major reproductive rights case the US Supreme Court has taken up in recent years, urging the Court to reverse the opinion of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which upheld certain abortion restrictions in a Texas law, House Bill 2. These restrictions—which require physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of their clinic and require clinics performing abortions to meet the standards of an ambulatory surgery center—would force more than 75 percent of the abortion facilities in Texas to close.</p> <p> <em>Amici </em>are organizations committed to improving the health and well-being of women and children nationally and in the state of Texas. Their brief sets forth the particularly poor health and well-being outcomes facing women and their families in Texas, including higher cancer incidence and mortality rates, lower life expectancy, and lack of access to affordable health and prenatal care. &nbsp;The brief explains how these poor health outcomes in part reflect policy choices of the Texas legislature. &nbsp;Because Texas justified the restrictions in its abortion legislation as intended to improve the health of women in the state, <em>Amici Curiae</em> encouraged the Supreme Court to take into account Texas’s sustained failure to improve the health and well-being of its women and children in assessing whether the purpose behind the legislation withstands constitutional scrutiny.</p> <p> The case has been described as the most significant Supreme Court battle over abortion in a generation and has the potential to redefine the contours of a woman’s constitutional right to obtain an abortion. &nbsp;If the Texas law is upheld, the decision could significantly curtail women’s access to safe abortion services. &nbsp;Forty-five amicus briefs were filed in support of petitioners, from an exceptionally diverse range of organizations and individuals—spanning the political and religious spectrum—demonstrating the far-reaching and personal impact of this case on women’s health and liberty.</p> <p> The Supreme Court will hear oral argument on March 2, 2016.</p> <p> The Jenner &amp; Block team includes Partners <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a> (counsel of record), <a href="">Katya Jestin</a> and <a href="">Matthew S. Hellman</a> and Associates <a href="">Alison I. Stein</a>, <a href="">Jeremy H, Ershow</a>, <a href="">Jessica A. Martinez</a>, <a href="">Jenna A. Ross</a> and <a href="">Gretchen O. Stertz</a>, with assistance from Associate <a href="">Michael E. Stewart.</a></p> 14 Jan 2016 Partners Mary Ellen Callahan and Jessie Liu Named <i>National Law Journal</i> Trailblazers <p> Jenner &amp; Block’s Privacy and Information Governance Practice Chair <a href="">Mary Ellen Callahan</a> and White Collar Defense and Investigations Co-Chair <a href="">Jessie K. Liu</a> have been named “Trailblazers” by <em>The National Law Journal</em>.&nbsp; Ms. Callahan was recognized in the Cyber Security and Data Privacy area and Ms. Liu was selected in the White Collar Crime practice area.&nbsp; The two were profiled in special supplements published last month.</p> <p> Describing her as an individual who “helped make a difference in the fight against criminal cyber activity and towards adding much needed layers of data security in an increasingly digital world of commerce,”<br /> <a href="">Ms. Callahan’s profile</a> lauds her efforts as the US Department of Homeland Security’s third chief privacy officer, to ensure that privacy was embedded into the federal government’s cybersecurity framework.&nbsp; It also notes that she founded Jenner &amp; Block’s Privacy and Information Governance Practice upon joining the firm in 2012.</p> <p> <a href="">Ms. Liu’s profile</a> spotlights her service at the Department of Justice after beginning her legal career at Jenner &amp; Block.&nbsp; Ms. Liu started at DOJ as an assistant United States attorney in 2002, rising to Deputy Chief of Staff in the department’s National Security Division, then Counsel to the Deputy Attorney General and, finally, Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division before she rejoined the firm as a partner in 2009.&nbsp; Ms. Liu is quoted as saying that her greatest accomplishments are “the ones no one talks about” – getting the best resolution for her clients out of the public eye.</p> <p> The “Trailblazers” series was introduced by <em>The National Law Journal</em> in 2013 to recognize lawyers who have “moved the needle” in selected practice areas.&nbsp; Jenner &amp; Block partners who have been selected previously (and the practice areas in which they were recognized) are Firm Chairman Anton R. Valukas (Litigation), Firmwide Corporate Practice Chair Joseph P. Gromacki (Mergers &amp; Acquisitions) and Partners Neil M. Barofsky and Mary Ellen Callahan (Regulatory and Compliance).</p> 14 Jan 2016 <i>Illinois Super Lawyers</i> Recognizes 89 Firm Lawyers <p> Sixty-six Jenner &amp; Block lawyers are named in the <em>Illinois Super Lawyers</em>’ 2016 guide to the “top 5 percent of attorneys” in the state.&nbsp; In addition, the publication recognized 23 firm lawyers as 2016 “Rising Stars.”</p> <p> The list, published in the January 2016 issue of&nbsp;<em>Illinois Super Lawyers</em>&nbsp;magazine, recognizes lawyers through a comprehensive, peer-review-based evaluation process, which includes surveying thousands of lawyers and asking them to nominate the best lawyers they have personally observed in action.&nbsp; “Rising Stars” are the top 2.5 percent of attorneys in the state who are 40 years old or younger or who have been practicing for 10 years or less.</p> <p> Chairman <a href="">Anton R. Valukas</a> and Partners <a href="">Terri L. Mascherin</a>,&nbsp; <a href="">Ronald R. Peterson</a>, <a href="">Catherine L. Steege</a> and <a href="">Howard S. Suskin </a>are recognized among the “Top 100 Super Lawyers.”&nbsp; In addition, Partners <a href="">E. Lynn Grayson</a>, <a href="">Terri L. Mascherin</a>, <a href="">Catherine L. Steege</a> and <a href="">Barbara S. Steiner</a> are recognized among the “Top 50 Women Illinois Super Lawyers 2016.”&nbsp;</p> <p> The following is a complete list of Jenner &amp; Block lawyers recognized as 2016&nbsp;<em>Illinois</em>&nbsp;<em>Super Lawyers</em>&nbsp;(listed by&nbsp;<em>Super Lawyers’</em>&nbsp;primary area of practice):</p> <p> <strong>Antitrust Litigation<br /> </strong><a href="">Richard P. Campbell</a><br /> <a href="">James T. Malysiak</a></p> <p> <br /> <strong>Appellate<br /> </strong><a href="">Barry Levenstam</a><br /> <a href="">Michael A. Scodro</a></p> <p> <strong>Banking<br /> </strong><a href="">Carter H. Klein</a></p> <p> <strong>Bankruptcy: Business<br /> </strong><a href="">Vincent E. Lazar</a><br /> <a href="">Daniel R. Murray</a><br /> <a href="">Ronald R. Peterson</a><br /> <a href="">Catherine L. Steege</a></p> <p> <strong>Business Litigation<br /> </strong><a href="">Debbie L. Berman</a><br /> <a href="">David J. Bradford</a><br /> <a href="">Peter J. Brennan</a><br /> <a href="">Ross B. Bricker</a><br /> <a href="">Michael T. Brody</a><br /> <a href="">Robert L. Byman</a><br /> <a href="">Timothy J. Chorvat</a><br /> <a href="">Richard T. Franch</a><br /> <a href="">David M. Greenwald</a><br /> <a href="">William D. Heinz</a><br /> <a href="">Norman M. Hirsch</a><br /> <a href="">Chester T. Kamin</a><br /> <a href="">Craig C. Martin</a><br /> <a href="">Terri L. Mascherin</a><br /> <a href="">Joel T. Pelz</a><br /> <a href="">Suzanne J. Prysak</a><br /> <a href="">Lawrence S. Schaner</a><br /> <a href="">Barbara S. Steiner</a><br /> <a href="">Richard P. Steinken</a><br /> <a href="">Matthew J. Thomas</a><br /> <a href="">Andrew W. Vail</a><br /> <a href="">Anton R. Valukas</a><br /> <a href="">Daniel J. Weiss</a></p> <p> <strong>Construction Litigation<br /> </strong><a href="">Joseph G. Bisceglia</a></p> <p> <strong>Criminal Defense: White Collar<br /> </strong><a href="">Gabriel A. Fuentes</a><br /> <a href="">Reid J. Schar</a><br /> <a href="">Charles Sklarsky</a><br /> <a href="">Robert R. Stauffer</a><br /> <a href="">Thomas P. Sullivan</a></p> <p> <strong>Employee Benefits<br /> </strong><a href="">Matthew J. Renaud</a></p> <p> <strong>Employment and Labor<br /> </strong><a href="">Carla J. Rozycki</a></p> <p> <strong>Environmental<br /> </strong><a href="">Robert L. Graham</a><br /> <a href="">E. Lynn Grayson</a><br /> <a href="">Steven M. Siros</a></p> <p> <strong>Environmental Litigation<br /> </strong><a href="">Gabrielle Sigel</a></p> <p> <strong>Family Law<br /> </strong><a href="">James H. Feldman</a></p> <p> <strong>Insurance Coverage<br /> </strong><a href="">Christopher C. Dickinson</a><br /> <a href="">John H. Mathias, Jr.</a></p> <p> <strong>Intellectual Property Litigation<br /> </strong><a href="">Aaron A. Barlow</a><br /> <a href="">Richard J. Gray</a><br /> <a href="">Donald R. Harris</a><br /> <a href="">Reginald J. Hill</a><br /> <a href="">Bradford P. Lyerla</a><br /> <a href="">Harry J. Roper</a><br /> <a href="">Terrence J. Truax</a><br /> <a href="">Steven R. Trybus</a></p> <p> <strong>Media/Advertising<br /> </strong><a href="">David P. Sanders</a></p> <p> <strong>Mergers and Acquisitions<br /> </strong><a href="">Joseph P. Gromacki</a><br /> <a href="">Thomas A. Monson</a></p> <p> <strong>Professional Liability: Defense<br /> </strong><a href="">Jeffrey D. Colman</a><br /> <a href="">David E. Jimenez-Ekman</a><br /> <a href="">John R. Storino</a></p> <p> <strong>Real Estate<br /> </strong><a href="">Donald I. Resnick</a></p> <p> <strong>Securities Litigation<br /> </strong><a href="">J. Kevin McCall</a><br /> <a href="">Howard S. Suskin</a></p> <p> <strong>Tax<br /> </strong><a href="">Christian E. Kimball</a><br /> <a href="">Gail H. Morse</a></p> <p> The “Rising Stars” and their practice areas are as follows:<br /> Partners &nbsp;<a href="">Nicole A. Allen</a> (Criminal Defense: White Collar); <a href="">Kristen M. Boike</a> (Real Estate);&nbsp; <a href="">Benjamin J. Bradford</a> (Intellectual Property Litigation); <a href="">Casey T. Grabenstein</a> (Business Litigation); <a href="">Mercedes M. Hill </a>&nbsp;(Mergers &amp; Acquisitions);&nbsp; <a href="">Sara Tonnies Horton</a> (Intellectual Property Litigation); <a href="">Jill M. Hutchison</a> (Class Action); <a href="">Nancy C. Jacobson</a> (Criminal Defense: White Collar);&nbsp; <a href="">Joseph D. Kline</a> (Securities and Corporate Finance); <a href="">Matthew R. Kopp</a> (Business/Corporate); <a href="">Jeffery D. Larson</a> (Business/Corporate); <a href="">Paul D. Margolis</a> (Intellectual Property Litigation); <a href="">Andrew F. Merrick</a> (Business Litigation); <a href="">Rachel S. Morse</a> (Business Litigation); <a href="">April A. Otterberg</a> (Professional Liability: Defense); <a href="">Melissa M. Root</a> (Bankruptcy: Business); <a href="">David P. Saunders</a> (Business Litigation); <a href="">Allison A. Torrence</a> (Environmental) and <a href="">Bradley M. Yusim</a> (Business Litigation) and Associates&nbsp; <a href="">Jason M. Bradford</a> (Business Litigation); <a href="">Sabrina N. Guenther</a> (Business Litigation); <a href="">Brienne M. Letourneau</a> (Business Litigation) and <a href="">Anna Barreiro Sutti</a> (Securities and Corporate Finance).</p> 22 Jan 2016 Jenner & Block Insights: Allison Torrence Discusses Mobile Emissions <p> <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" mozallowfullscreen="" scrolling="no" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="" width="500"></iframe></p> <p> The Clean Air Act is one of the most complicated on the books.&nbsp; In this edition of Jenner &amp; Block Insights, environmental partner Allison Torrence discusses the Act’s mobile emissions provisions, enforcement and the Environmental Protection Agency’s increasingly stringent standards.</p> 26 Jan 2016 Firm Named to <i>National Law Journal</i> “Pro Bono Hot List” For Work Representing Vietnam War Veterans <p> For the third year in a row, Jenner &amp; Block has been named to <em>The National Law Journal’</em>s “Pro Bono Hot List.”&nbsp; Only 10 law firms across the United States made the 2016 list.</p> <p> The <u><a href="">profile of the firm</a></u> in the <em>NLJ Pro Bono Special Report </em>focuses on the firm's representation of Vietnam War veterans seeking to upgrade less-than-honorable discharges they received due to behavior that can now be attributed to post-traumatic stress disorder related to their service.&nbsp; PTSD was not recognized as a medical disorder until 1980, after the war had ended.&nbsp; It is estimated that tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans who received less-than-honorable discharges suffer from PTSD.</p> <p> The article quotes Partner <a href="">Jeremy M. Creelan</a>, who learned about the veterans’ situation while watching a segment of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”&nbsp;and followed up with the Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic to offer pro bono assistance.&nbsp; The article also mentions Partner <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a>, who, with Mr. Creelan, led the firm’s team that co-counseled with Yale in representing a putative class of these veterans in a lawsuit against the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force.</p> <p> In large part as a result of the lawsuit and the publicity surrounding it, then-Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel issued a memo outlining a new policy requiring Boards for Correction of Military Records to give liberal consideration to Vietnam War veteran applications for discharge upgrades on the basis of service-related PTSD diagnosed after the war.&nbsp; Pursuant to this guidance, the boards granted upgrades to all of the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit, making them eligible for benefits they were previously denied.&nbsp; Further, as a result of that memo, the rate by which veterans have received upgraded discharges has skyrocketed from less than five percent to more than 65 percent.&nbsp; Such upgrades mean access to veterans services as well as the removal of a life-long stigma that has plagued these veterans.</p> <p> Along with Mr. Creelan and Ms. Kohlmann, other members of the team included Partner <a href="">Gianni P. Servodidio</a>, Associate <a href="">Christina J. Gilligan</a>, law clerk Kara Trowell, senior paralegal Cheryl Olson, paralegal coordinator Judy Lao, paralegal Jeff Phillips, project assistant Casey Connolly, legal secretary Beth Gulden, former associates Ava McAlpin and Marina Jenkins and former paralegal Mark Scholl.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> 18 Jan 2016 Jenner & Block’s Consumer Law Group Launches Consumer Law Round-Up <p> Jenner &amp; Block’s Consumer Law Group recently launched the <em>Consumer Law Round-Up</em>, at; The blog covers key developments within consumer law and provides insights that are relevant to companies and individuals that may be affected by an ever-increasing patchwork of federal and state protection statutes.&nbsp; Topics include FTC regulation and enforcement; CFPB regulation and enforcement; privacy and information governance; employment law class actions; environmental regulation and enforcement; class action certification, settlements and trends; the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA); arbitration; antitrust; and many other areas.</p> <p> Regular blog contributors will include Partners <a href="">Reena R. Bajowala</a>, <a href="">Ross B. Bricker</a>, <a href="">Mary Ellen Callahan</a>, <a href="">Jeremy M. Creelan</a>, <a href="">Jill M. Hutchison</a>, <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a>, <a href="">Kenneth K. Lee</a>, <a href="">Kelly M. Morrison</a>, <a href="">Michael A. Scodro</a> and <a href="">Howard S. Suskin</a>, and Associates <a href="">Christina Avedissian</a> and <a href="">Alexander M. Smith</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p> Jenner &amp; Block regularly represents the world’s largest and most respected companies against class actions and enforcement actions based on consumer protection statutes, including matters involving false advertising, deceptive trade practices, product liability/mass tort, and violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), among other statutes.&nbsp; We offer our consumer clients across all industries a combination of deep trial experience and extensive knowledge of the complexities of consumer class action law suits.<br /> <br /> Learn more about the blog here: <a href=""></a></p> 5 Feb 2016 Firm Prevails for Pro Bono Client in Expungement Proceeding <p> On January 20, 2016, Jenner &amp; Block received a favorable outcome for a pro bono client in an Illinois Department of Children &amp; Family Services (DCFS) expungement hearing proceeding. The client, a widow, had been indicated with three counts of neglect for the alleged inadequate care of her autistic daughter. The client maintained that the conditions cited by the DCFS investigator were the direct result of temporary financial difficulties and that the DCFS investigation was cursory and inadequate. &nbsp;With only a few weeks before the hearing, DCFS elected to drop the case and voluntarily unfound all the indications against the client. &nbsp;Associate <a href="">Rachel C. Bell</a> handled the matter, under the supervision of Partner <a href="">Louis E. Fogel</a>.</p> 20 Jan 2016 Firm Secures Another Victory for Jay Z in Infringement Dispute <p> Jenner &amp; Block secured another victory for rapper Jay Z when a judge ruled that its dismissal of a suit accusing Jay Z of copyright infringement relating to one of his hit songs -- “Big Pimpin” – &nbsp;for lack of standing – was a finding on the merits.&nbsp; In October, US District Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled that plaintiff Osama Ahmed Fahmy lacked standing to pursue his claims because he contracted away his rights to the song “Khosara, Khosara,” which was composed by Fahmy’s deceased uncle Baligh Hamdy in the late 1950s. &nbsp;In proposing a final judgment in the case, Fahmy argued that the dismissal of his complaint should be without prejudice. The defendants responded that the finding that Fahmy lacked statutory standing to assert his claim was a holding on the merits and that unless the action was dismissed with prejudice,&nbsp; the ruling could prompt another lawsuit.&nbsp; On February 2, 2016, Judge Snyder dismissed the suit with prejudice.&nbsp; The team representing Jay Z included Partners <a href="">Andrew H. Bart</a>, <a href="">Daniel A. Rozansky</a> and <a href="">L. David Russell</a>. &nbsp;News of the dismissal was reported in media outlets including <em><a href="">Law360</a></em>.</p> 2 Feb 2016 Jenner & Block Insights: Mary Ellen Callahan Discusses the Importance of Cyber Security and Data Protection <p> Every day corporations read about and often experience cyber attacks and data security breaches.&nbsp; In this <a href="">podcast (1:54</a>), Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Mary Ellen Callahan</a> discusses preventive strategies for corporations to protect their assets, value propositions and brands. Ms. Callahan is Chair of Jenner &amp; Block’s <a href="">Privacy and Information Governance</a> practice.</p> 22 Jan 2016