Our Firm

Our Values

The core values we focus on include our commitments to:

  • Excellence;
    • We will not compromise on quality.
    • We are committed to excellence and live by the highest professional standards.
  • Client Focus;
    • We are relentlessly client centric and focused on the client’s needs.
    • We deliver superior client service.
  • Collaboration;
    • We work in an environment distinguished by exceptional people, challenging work and a steadfast drive to develop superior talent.
    • Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals who share certain qualities and abilities and are committed to our core values.
    • We leverage the full weight of the firm delivering services across all practices and offices.
  • Diversity and Inclusion; and
    • We create an unrivaled environment for superior talent.
    • We seek “A+” players who are collaborative and innovative within a diverse and inclusive environment.
    • We foster superior talent by providing opportunities for continuous learning and by promoting diversity and maintaining an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and is able to contribute.
    • We expect every individual in the firm to take personal responsibility for supporting diversity and fostering an inclusive environment.
  • Pro Bono and Public Service
    • We are a firm with a conscience and are committed to pro bono and community service.
    • Our lawyers are called to serve; participation in public service is expected, not just accepted.
    • Serving our community is an obligation and a privilege for everyone in our firm.
    • Pro bono is an important part of our history, in our DNA and an ongoing priority at the firm. 

At A Glance

Year Founded

  • 1914


  • 353 N. Clark Street
  • Chicago, IL 60654-3456


  • 312 222-9350


  • 312 527-0484

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