News Feed News Description American College of Trial Lawyer’s <i>Journal</i> Profiles New President, Bob Byman <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Robert L. Byman</a> is profiled in the Spring 2014 edition of <em>The Journal</em>, the publication of the American College of Trial Lawyers.&nbsp; Inducted as ACTL president last October, Bob is featured on the cover of the magazine with his wife, Jane.&nbsp; Titled “<a href="">Riding The Wave: A Profile of Robert L. Byman President of The American College of Trial Lawyers</a>,” the profile traces Bob’s career from his early mentors – Prentice Marshall, Al Metz and Jerry Solovy – to his most fulfilling cases: helping exonerate two innocent men.&nbsp; Bob discusses his vision for the ACTL presidency: being the “face” of the College rather than its “follow-me” leader.&nbsp; And he discusses his personal life, including how he met Jane at the same bar where her parents met.&nbsp;&nbsp; The profile mentions his hobbies of art and motorcycles but concludes that “his prized possessions are Jane and their family.”</p> 21 Mar 2014 Jenner & Block Wins Seventh Circuit Appeal for Former Mexican Police Officer Seeking Asylum in U.S. <p> Jenner &amp; Block, with Partner <a href="">Matthew E. Price</a> taking the lead on writing the briefs and arguing the case, recently won an important pro bono victory in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, representing a former Mexican police officer seeking asylum in the United States. &nbsp;As an officer, R.R.D. had arrested hundreds of suspects and repeatedly testified against drug traffickers.&nbsp; The cartels then targeted him for assassination under their “silver or lead” (money or bullets) policy, in which the cartels kill honest and effective police officers who refuse to accept bribes.&nbsp; Even after he quit the Federal Agency of Investigation and opened an office-supply business and tried to conceal his identity, strangers continued looking for him. &nbsp;The immigration judge denied R.R.D.’s application for asylum and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) agreed, on the grounds that the cartels’ desire to retaliate against him was personal in nature and that R.R.D. had failed to establish a well-founded fear of persecution now that he had left the force.&nbsp;</p> <p> Taking only two weeks to arrive at its unanimous decision, the three-judge panel that heard the appeal granted the client’s petition for review, vacated the order of removal and remanded the case to the BIA.&nbsp; The opinion, authored by Judge Easterbrook, noted that the BIA had ignored significant record evidence in support of R.R.D.’s claim and concluded by questioning why the government would have any interest in continuing to press removal on remand. &nbsp;Rather, the Court commented, R.R.D. “appears to be someone who should be hired and put to work by the Department of Homeland Security itself, rather than sent packing.”&nbsp; The team also included Partner <a href="">Paul M. Smith </a>and Summer Associate Andrew Rohrbach<strong>.</strong></p> <p> &nbsp;</p> 25 Mar 2014 44 Firm Partners to be Recognized in 2014 Edition of <i>Chambers USA</i> <p> Forty-four Jenner &amp; Block LLP partner attorneys, representing all four of our offices, will be featured as “Leaders in their Field” in the forthcoming 2014 edition of <em>Chambers USA</em>, slated to be published this May.&nbsp; This includes <a href="">Mary Ellen Callahan</a>, <a href="">John Flynn</a>, <a href="">David A. Handzo</a>, <a href="">David M. Kroeger</a>, <a href="">Craig C. Martin</a>, <a href="">Dean N. Panos</a>, <a href="">Reid J. Schar</a> and <a href="">William L. Tolbert</a>, who are newly recognized this year.</p> <p> <em>Chambers USA</em> is a prestigious and widely referenced directory that recognizes the top law firms and attorneys nationwide that have demonstrated “technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence, commitment and other qualities most valued” by clients, according to <em>Chambers</em>’ research.&nbsp; The rankings are based on thousands of interviews with clients and other attorneys and rely heavily on unprompted testimonials.</p> <p> Below are the Jenner &amp; Block attorneys who were individually recognized in the publication for the <em>Chambers </em>&nbsp;practice area(s) noted:</p> <ul> <li> <a href="">Andrew H. Bart </a>– Media &amp; Entertainment: Copyright &amp; Contract Disputes (New York)</li> <li> <a href="">Joseph G. Bisceglia</a> – Construction (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">David J. Bradford</a> – Litigation: General Commercial (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Mary Ellen Callahan</a> – Privacy &amp; Data Security (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">David A. Churchill</a> – Government: Government Contracts (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Jeffrey D. Colman</a> – Litigation: General Commercial (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Geoffrey M. Davis</a> – Tax (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">W. Jay DeVecchio</a> – Government: Government Contracts (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Samuel L. Feder</a> – Telecom, Broadcast &amp; Satellite (District of Columbia)</li> <li> <a href="">John Flynn</a> – Telecom, Broadcast &amp; Satellite (District of Columbia)</li> <li> <a href="">Robert L. Graham</a> – Environment: Mainly Transactional (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">E. Lynn Grayson</a> – Environment: Mainly Transactional (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Joseph P. Gromacki</a> – Corporate/M&amp;A (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">David A. Handzo</a> – Leisure &amp; Hospitality (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Mark A. Harris</a> – Corporate/M&amp;A: Private Equity (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Matthew L. Jacobs</a> – Insurance: Policyholder (District of Columbia)</li> <li> <a href="">Christian E. Kimball </a>– Tax (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Tobias L. Knapp</a> – Corporate/M&amp;A (New York)</li> <li> <a href="">David M. Kroeger</a> – Insurance: Dispute Resolution (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Vincent E. Lazar</a> – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Bradford P. Lyerla </a>– Intellectual Property (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Craig C. Martin</a><strong>– </strong>Litigation: General Commercial (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">John H. Mathias, Jr. </a>– Insurance: Dispute Resolution (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Kevin P. Mullen</a> – Government: Government Contracts (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Daniel R. Murray</a> – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Thomas C. Newkirk </a>– Securities: Regulation: Enforcement (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Dean N. Panos</a> – Food &amp; Beverages: Regulatory &amp; Litigation (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Ronald R. Peterson</a> – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Donald I. Resnick</a> – Real Estate (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Harry J. Roper</a> – Intellectual Property (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">David P. Sanders</a> – Media &amp; Entertainment: Litigation (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Lawrence S. Schaner </a>– International Arbitration (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Reid J. Schar</a> – Litigation: White-Collar Crime &amp; Government Investigations (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Gabrielle Sigel</a> – Environment: Litigation (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Steven M. Siros</a> – Environment: Litigation (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Charles B. Sklarsky </a>– Litigation: General Commercial (Illinois), Litigation: White-Collar Crime &amp; Government Investigations (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Paul M. Smith</a> – Appellate Law (Nationwide), First Amendment Litigation (Nationwide), Media &amp; Entertainment (District of Columbia)</li> <li> <a href="">Catherine L. Steege</a> – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Richard L. Stone</a> – Media &amp; Entertainment: Litigation (California)</li> <li> <a href="">Thomas P. Sullivan</a> – Litigation: General Commercial (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Andrew J. Thomas</a> – Media &amp; Entertainment: Litigation (California)</li> <li> <a href="">William L. Tolbert </a>– Securities: Regulation: Advisory (Nationwide)</li> <li> <a href="">Anton R. Valukas</a> – Litigation: General Commercial (Illinois), Litigation: Trial Lawyers (Nationwide), Litigation: White-Collar Crime &amp; Government Investigations (Illinois)</li> <li> <a href="">Richard F. Ziegler</a> – International Arbitration (Nationwide)</li> </ul> 26 Mar 2014 Suskin Appointed to Advisory Board of The Deal <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Howard S. Suskin</a> has been appointed to the Advisory Panel of The Deal, a daily financial publication focused on developments related to investment banking and M&amp;A activity.&nbsp; &nbsp; The Advisory Panel includes leaders in the fields of corporate development, trading, legal and banking who provide their knowledge in the deal-making arena to further develop The Deal’s editorial and product offerings.&nbsp; In addition to this role, Howard is also a member of the Advisory Board for <em>Board IQ</em>, a <em>Financial Times</em> publication, focused on issues concerning boards of directors.&nbsp;</p> 27 Mar 2014 Jacobs Appointed to Editorial Board of <i>The Insurance Coverage Law Bulletin</i> <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Matthew L. Jacobs</a> has been chosen to be a member of the Board of Editors of <em>The Insurance Coverage Law Bulletin</em>, a monthly ALM publication that is widely considered to be one of the most authoritative sources of information on the latest issues, trends and cases related to insurance coverage law.</p> 24 Mar 2014 Jenner & Block Named To 2014 BTI Power Elite <p> BTI Consulting Group released results of its 2014 “Client Relationship Scorecard,” ranking Jenner &amp; Block #14 out of 650 law firms and placing us among BTI’s “Power Elite.” &nbsp;Based on unprompted feedback from more than 500 corporate counsel at Fortune 1000 and other large companies across more than 20 industries, the “Power Elite” outperforms more than 95% of the market serving large corporate clients.&nbsp; According to BTI, its research measures which firms have the strongest and most well established relationships with clients as their primary law firm and also assesses the “vibrancy and enthusiasm” of the client recommendations.</p> <p> More information about BTI’s methodology can be found <a href="">here</a>.</p> 28 Mar 2014 Firm Wins Important Copyright Trial for EMI Recorded Music <p> A Jenner &amp; Block team, led by Partners <a href="">Andrew H. Bart</a> and <a href="">Luke C. Platzer</a>, has won a significant victory for firm client EMI Recorded Music (now owned by UMG Recordings, Inc.) in a long-running and complex copyright infringement case relating to the application of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to the operations of a pair of online music sites.&nbsp; On March 19, 2014, a federal jury in New York found MP3tunes, Inc. (a now-bankrupt online music storage locker service) and its former CEO Michael Robertson liable for infringing more than 2,000 copyrights in sound recordings, compositions and cover art owned by EMI, as well as by EMI Music Publishing Ltd., a co-plaintiff in the litigation.</p> <p> The jury found that Robertson had infringed a series of copyrights personally through his use of the services.&nbsp; The jury also found that MP3tunes and Robertson were both secondarily liable for similar personal infringements by several of MP3tunes’ executives.&nbsp; Further, it found that both defendants were liable for the infringement of cover art images owned by the label plaintiffs.</p> <p> Finally, the jury found that MP3tunes had “red flag” knowledge of specific acts of infringement on its service and had been “willfully blind” to such infringements.&nbsp; The jury held Robertson secondarily liable for those infringements as well.&nbsp; The significance of the “red flag” and “willful blindness” findings is that they disqualify defendants from “safe harbor” protection under the DMCA.&nbsp; The findings of willful blindness were the first time a jury had disqualified a defendant from DMCA “safe harbor” protection on this basis since the standard was set by the Second Circuit in <em>Viacom v. YouTube</em> two years ago.</p> <p> On March 26, the jury followed up its liability award by awarding the label plaintiffs approximately $41 million in damages and awarding the publishing plaintiffs an additional $7 million to $8 million.&nbsp; The statutory awards, with the exception of the awards on Robertson’s personal infringements, ranged from $10,000 to $30,000 per work infringed.</p> <p> The lawsuit was filed in 2007.&nbsp; In 2011, Judge William Pauley of the Southern District of New York, while granting summary judgment to UMG on certain issues of direct and contributory infringement, also ruled that MP3 qualified for “safe harbor” protection under the DMCA.&nbsp; However, in February 2013, Judge Pauley reconsidered that ruling, recognizing that the Second Circuit’s decision in <em>Viacom v. You Tube </em>required the district court to engage in explicit fact-finding on the issue of willful blindness before granting a party “safe harbor” protections.&nbsp; That set the stage for this month’s trial.</p> <p> This victory was a team effort by members of the firm’s Content, Media and Entertainment Practice.&nbsp; In addition to Andy and Luke, Associate <a href="">J. Douglas Wilson</a> worked tirelessly along with Associates <a href="">Rochelle P. Lundy</a>, <a href="">Lindsay W. Bowen</a> and <a href="">Tobias C. Berkman</a> and Paralegal Coordinator Judy S. Lao.&nbsp; This victory comes within months of other CM&amp;E victories in the <em>Aereo</em>, <em>Hotfile</em>, <em>Grooveshark</em> and <em>Fung</em> litigations and continues the firm’s notable achievements in protecting content creators and owners facing the ever-changing technology landscape.&nbsp;</p> 28 Mar 2014 Jenner & Block Welcomes Former SEC Leading Trial Lawyer Christian Bartholomew <p> Jenner &amp; Block LLP today announces that <a href="">Christian R. Bartholomew</a>, prominent litigator and former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) senior trial counsel, has joined the firm as a partner in our D.C. office.&nbsp; He is a member of the firm’s Securities Litigation and Enforcement Practice.</p> <p> Christian joins a broad-based securities litigation team that is widely recognized as one of the finest in the nation.&nbsp;&nbsp;He offers more than 20 years of experience in handling securities enforcement matters and has successfully resolved numerous securities investigations by&nbsp;the SEC, Department of Justice, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and other federal and state regulators&nbsp;enforcement for a broad range of financial institutions and public companies.&nbsp; As a former undefeated SEC trial lawyer with an equally impressive track record in private practice, Christian is also uniquely positioned to handle both regulatory litigation as well as the private litigation that can arise as a result of these investigations.&nbsp; He has a well-earned reputation as a fierce client advocate who brings real trial credibility to the table in negotiations and other dealing with regulators.</p> <p> “With the arrival of Christian, we strengthen our commitment to ensuring that our D.C. office is a destination for handling large, multi-regulator securities investigations and related class actions,” said <a href="">Susan C. Levy</a>, Jenner &amp; Block’s managing partner.&nbsp; “We are pleased to have him on the team.”</p> <p> From his robust experience representing clients in internal and regulatory investigations regarding sensitive whistleblower allegations, Christian has emerged as a recognized leader in the area of the SEC’s Dodd-Frank whistleblower rules.&nbsp; He has written and spoken extensively on the issue.</p> <p> “We simply could not have found a better fit for us and our clients,” said <a href="">Thomas C. Newkirk</a>, co-chair of the firm’s Securities Litigation and Enforcement Practice.&nbsp; “Christian has strong relationships with in-house counsel, company management, regulators and compliance officials.&nbsp; With his experience and presence, we are confident that he will bolster Jenner &amp; Block’s position as counsel of choice for bet-the-company litigation.”</p> <p> Christian worked the past nearly three years at Weil, Gotshal &amp; Manges LLP, where he was a partner in Weil’s Securities Litigation practice and leader of its SEC enforcement practice in Washington and Miami.&nbsp; From 2000 to 2011, he was a litigation partner at Morgan, Lewis and Bockius LLP, rising to vice chairman of its Securities Enforcement Practice Group.&nbsp; He earlier served for five years as Senior Trial Counsel for the Southeast Regional office of the SEC, where he was undefeated during his tenure, winning several precedent-setting matters.</p> <p> Christian said, “Jenner &amp; Block is universally recognized as one of America’s truly pre-eminent trial law firms. &nbsp;That reputation, and the opportunity to be part of a family of like-minded trial attorneys, and not just litigators, is enormously attractive to me, particularly in light of the increased emphasis that regulators are placing on trying cases. &nbsp;I’m very excited to be a partner at such a firm.”</p> 31 Mar 2014 Ten Partners Selected as 2013 New York-Metro Super Lawyers <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partners <a href="">Stephen L. Ascher</a>, <a href="">Anthony S. Barkow</a>, <a href="">Andrew H. Bart</a>, <a href="">Wesley C. Fredericks, Jr</a>., <a href="">Marc B. Hankin</a>, <a href="">Katya Jestin</a>, <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a>, <a href="">Gianni P. Servodidio</a>, <a href="">Patrick J. Trostle</a> and <a href="">Richard F. Ziegler</a> were selected as 2013 New York-Metro <em>Super Lawyers</em>, a peer-review guide to the top five percent of attorneys in New York.</p> <p> Stephen was recognized in <em>Super Lawyers’</em> practice area of Securities Litigation; Tony and Katya in Criminal Defense: White Collar; Andy and Susan in Intellectual Property Litigation; Wes in Mergers &amp; Acquisitions; Marc and Patrick in Bankruptcy &amp; Creditor/Debtor Rights; Gianni in Intellectual Property; and Richard in Business Litigation.</p> <p> The <em>Super Lawyers’</em> selection method involves a multi-phase comprehensive, peer-review-based evaluation process, which includes surveying thousands of attorneys and asking them to nominate the best attorneys they have personally observed in action.&nbsp; The “New York Metro” market includes New York County (Manhattan); Kings County (Brooklyn); Queens, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester, Richmond and Nassau Counties; and Suffolk County (Long Island).</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> 31 Mar 2014 Bajowala Elected to Board of Public Interest Law Initiative <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Reena R. Bajowala</a> has been elected to the board of directors of the Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI).&nbsp; PILI works to expand the availability of legal services for people, families and communities in need, drawing upon law students, lawyers and legal professionals to engage in public interest law or pro bono work.&nbsp; Reena’s election to the board follows previous involvement as a PILI intern during law school, a PILI fellow following law school and a founding member of the Alumni Leadership Council from 2008 to 2014.&nbsp;</p> <p> Reena has an active pro bono practice, focusing on political asylum and human trafficking matters in particular among a wide range of issues.&nbsp; She is also actively involved in other nonprofit organizations, including the National Immigrant Justice Center, the North American South Asian Bar Association and the Indian-American Bar Association, as well as the firm’s Women’s Forum Steering Committee and Diversity &amp; Inclusion Committee.</p> 31 Mar 2014 Firm Chairman Anton Valukas Named a 2014 BTI “Client Service All-Star” <p> Jenner &amp; Block Chairman <a href="">Anton R. Valukas</a> has been named to the BTI Consulting Group’s “Client Service All-Stars 2014” list, a registry of the legal profession’s client service elite.&nbsp; Tony is among only 330 attorneys selected from 187 law firms nationwide.</p> <p> BTI’s survey of client service performance is the only ranking that is based entirely on unprompted and direct feedback from corporate counsel.&nbsp; According to BTI, roughly 300 corporate counsel of large and Fortune 1000 companies, spanning more than 15 industries, were interviewed to arrive at this year’s “All-Stars” list.&nbsp;</p> 31 Mar 2014 Notable Patent Litigation Attorney Louis Fogel Joins Jenner & Block <p> Jenner &amp; Block LLP today announces that well-respected patent litigation attorney<a href=""> Louis E. Fogel</a> has joined the firm as a partner in our Chicago office.&nbsp; He is a member of the firm’s Patent Litigation &amp; Counseling Practice.</p> <p> Louis counsels clients in all aspects of patent litigation to help businesses achieve their strategic and scientific goals.&nbsp; He has substantial experience in sophisticated patent litigation matters affecting a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biological drugs, medical devices, chemicals and consumer electronics.&nbsp; Before earning his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, Louis completed a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Chicago.</p> <p> “Existing and new clients will appreciate the breadth and depth of Louis’ capabilities,” said <a href="">Susan C. Levy</a>, Jenner &amp; Block’s managing partner.&nbsp; “We are excited to have him on board.”</p> <p> Jenner &amp; Block is actively building out its pharmaceutical and life sciences practice, which requires a team with strong technical depth.&nbsp; The firm has several partners and associates with robust technical credentials, including bachelors and advanced degrees in biology, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering and other related fields.&nbsp;</p> <p> “Louis has demonstrated the ability to execute high-end patent work.&nbsp; Coupled with his Ph.D. in Chemistry and his experience working on a variety of life sciences matters, Louis’ arrival signals the firm’s commitment to adding important depth to our patent litigation team,” said <a href="">Terrence J. Truax</a>, co-chair of Jenner &amp; Block’s Patent Litigation &amp; Counseling Practice.&nbsp; “Louis can immediately deliver on current matters and those in the pipeline.”</p> <p> With more than 10 years of trial experience gained while at Ropes &amp; Gray LLP and Sidley Austin LLP, he has been involved in all phases of complex patent litigation from pre-trial investigation and strategy development through appeal.&nbsp; He has significant experience advising clients regarding Hatch-Waxman Act litigation.&nbsp; He is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.</p> <p> Louis said, “Jenner &amp; Block’s reputation for excellence and creativity in litigation is well-known and well-deserved.&nbsp; I am excited to be part of this team of seasoned and successful trial attorneys.&nbsp; My scientific research background and patent litigation experience will dovetail nicely with helping to expand the firm’s platform in handling complex patent litigation matters.”</p> 3 Apr 2014 Late Jenner & Block Partner’s SCOTUS Arguments Are Basis of <i>Arguendo</i> Play <p> As covered in Tony Mauro's April 1 <em>National Law Journal</em> article, titled “<a href="">Play Brings Supreme Court Drama to the Masses</a>,” late Jenner &amp; Block partner and legendary Supreme Court advocate Bruce Ennis Jr. continues to strike a chord with the Washington legal community as <em>Arguendo </em>debuts at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington,D.C.&nbsp; The play’s script is drawn verbatim from a 1991 Supreme Court argument in <em>Barnes v. Glen Theatre</em>, a dispute over nude dancing that Bruce argued on behalf of the nude dancers.&nbsp;</p> <p> Performances run through the end of April.&nbsp; Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Paul M. Smith</a> will lead an after-performance discussion on Sunday, April 13.</p> 3 Apr 2014 Jenner & Block, GE, Street Law Host Diversity Pipeline Event for Chicago High School Students <p> Sixteen Jenner &amp; Block attorneys participated in a conference for 80 students from Chicago’s Whitney Young Magnet High School. Sponsored by the firm, client General Electric and Street Law, the event featured workshops on three areas of law: intellectual property, harassment and alternative energy.&nbsp; The students practiced their negotiation skills, arguing both sides of mock cases.&nbsp; They also learned about the career paths and work of corporate attorneys.</p> <p> The March 28, 2014, event was part of Street Law’s Legal Diversity Pipeline Program, which pairs corporate legal departments and law firms with high school law classes to educate students about law, democracy and human rights, and to increase their knowledge and interest in legal careers. Jenner &amp; Block, which hosted the conference, has partnered with GE on this initiative for Whitney Young High School since 2007.</p> <p> Partner <a href="">Megan B. Poetzel </a>and Associate<strong> </strong><a href="">David P. Saunders</a> coordinated the event.&nbsp; “We were thrilled to once again partner with our valued client GE in presenting a Street Law program to Whitney Young High School students,” Megan said. “The students appreciated the information and advice that the attorney volunteers provided regarding choosing a legal career, and the attorneys were inspired by the students’ zealous advocacy.” &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p> In addition to Megan and David, the participating attorneys included Partners <a href="">Timothy J. Barron</a>, <a href="">Mercedes M. Hill</a>, <a href="">Keri L. Holleb Hotaling</a>, <a href="">Suzanne J. Prysak</a>, <a href="">Steven M. Siros</a>, <a href="">Barbara S. Steiner</a> and <a href="">Wade A. Thomson</a> and Associates <a href="">Jonathan A. Beitner,</a> <a href="">Peter H. Hanna</a>, <a href="">Christopher J. Karacic</a>, <a href="">Joshua A. Pasquesi</a>, <a href="">Justin C. Steffen</a>, <a href="">Allison A. Torrence</a> and <a href="">Elie T. Zenner</a>.</p> 28 Mar 2014 Jenner & Block’s Managing Partner Appointed Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Northern Trust <p> Jenner &amp; Block LLP is pleased to announce that <a href="">Susan C. Levy</a>, the firm’s managing partner, has been appointed executive vice president and general counsel of the Northern Trust Corporation.&nbsp; In this position, Susan succeeds Kelly R. Welsh, who was confirmed last week by the United States Senate as general counsel, Department of Commerce.&nbsp;</p> <p> Susan will assume the Northern Trust position after spending her entire legal career at Jenner &amp; Block.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p> “Susan is valued by our clients and our partners for her sound business judgment, strong legal skills and exceptional leadership capabilities.&nbsp; She embodies our firm’s core values and has helped us build a world-class organization known for its trial, litigation and&nbsp; transactional capabilities.&nbsp; While we are very sad to see her leave the firm, we are exceedingly proud of what she has accomplished.&nbsp; She will be missed,” said <a href="">Anton R. Valukas</a>, chairman of Jenner &amp; Block.&nbsp; He added:&nbsp; “Susan also continues the recent tradition of our firm’s Managing Partner becoming the General Counsel of one of our valued clients.”&nbsp;</p> <p> Susan has been the managing partner of Jenner &amp; Block since July 2008.&nbsp; She also serves on the firm’s Policy Committee and chairs the firm’s Management Committee.&nbsp; She has achieved numerous civic and professional recognitions throughout her career and serves on several charitable and philanthropic boards.&nbsp;</p> <p> Susan joined Jenner &amp; Block immediately following law school.&nbsp; She received her J.D. in 1982 from Harvard University and her B.A. in 1979, <em>magna cum laude</em>, from Cornell University.</p> 7 Apr 2014 Firm “Parachutes” In to Win Pharmaceutical Patent Infringement Trial <p> On March 31, 2014, the United States District Court for the District of Delaware ruled in favor of Jenner &amp; Block client Hospira, Inc., in a patent infringement action brought against it by The Medicines Company.&nbsp; The&nbsp;bench trial, which ended in September 2013, involved Hospira's Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) to the FDA.&nbsp; Those applications sought approval to commercially manufacture, use or sell a generic version of a bivalirudin drug product to be used as an injectable anticoagulant for angioplasty before the expiration of patents covering The Medicines Company’s product.&nbsp; In his decision, U.S. District Judge Richard Andrews found that our client did not infringe the two patents at issue in the case, either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents.</p> <p> A firm team led by Partners <a href="">Bradford P. Lyerla</a> and <a href="">Sara Tonnies Horton</a> “parachuted in” to take over the case a mere six weeks before the trial was scheduled to begin.&nbsp; In addition to Brad and Sara, other team members included Partner <a href="">Aaron A. Barlow</a> and Associates <a href="">Yusuf Esat</a>, <a href="">Jamie Keating Lord</a> and <a href="">Chad J. Ray</a>.</p> 7 Apr 2014 Jenner & Block Joins Incopro’s International Network <p> Jenner &amp; Block has joined <a href="">Incopro</a>’s international law firm network.&nbsp; An online rights monitoring and protection business, Incopro has established a ground-breaking partnership operating at the forefront of content protection.</p> <p> In addition to providing Internet technology that enables owners and licensees of content and brands to identify and appropriately respond to the unlawful exploitation of their intellectual property, Incopro offers clients a global network of experienced law firms that can provide high quality legal advice and enforcement.</p> <p> In a press release issued by Incopro, network founder and Managing Director Simon Baggs said Jenner &amp; Block “is known for producing excellent results for clients using a powerful combination of experience, professionalism and strong teamwork, making them an excellent fit for the Incopro partner network.”</p> <p> Added Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Kenneth L. Doroshow,</a> “We have a rich history of helping global content creators safeguard their intellectual property and navigate the challenges of operating in a rapidly changing technology environment.&nbsp; In joining the Incopro network, we strengthen our commitment to working on cutting-edge, high-impact content protection matters.&nbsp; We look forward to working with Incopro in continuing to serve our clients and the broader content community.”</p> <p> Incopro is the latest strategic alliance that Jenner &amp; Block has forged with established referral networks. &nbsp;The firm is a partner of the <a href="">TechLaw Group</a>, an established international network of law firms with significant technology-related practices. &nbsp;Last year, Jenner &amp; Block joined the <a href="">Lex Mundi</a> network of premier independent law firms as the exclusive member firm for Illinois.</p> 9 Apr 2014 NY Gov. Cuomo Taps Jeremy Creelan as Co-Chair of Commission on Youth, Public Safety & Justice <p> Jenner &amp; Block LLP announces that Partner <a href="">Jeremy M. Creelan</a> has been named by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo as co-chair of the Commission on Youth, Public Safety &amp; Justice, a 16-member committee comprising legal, law enforcement and foundation professionals tasked with providing specific, actionable recommendations regarding youth in New York's criminal and juvenile justice systems by the end of this year.</p> <p> In his 2014 State of the State address in January, Gov. Cuomo said: “We must bring New York’s juvenile justice laws in line with modern times and raise the age in which juveniles can be tried and charged as adults,” referring to New York as one of only two states in the nation whose age of criminal responsibility is just 16.&nbsp; “I am pleased to welcome the highly qualified members of the Commission on Youth, Public Safety &amp; Justice, who will work to make the system fairer for our youth.”</p> <p> Jeremy rejoined Jenner &amp; Block’s Complex Commercial Litigation and Government Controversies and Public Policy Litigation practices in January after serving three years in Albany as senior adviser and special counsel to Gov. Cuomo.&nbsp; During his tenure in New York State Government, Jeremy played a key role in the State’s recovery efforts and planning after Superstorm Sandy, the State’s adoption of meaningful ethics reform, new regulations to reduce alcohol-related driving accidents, mandatory collection of DNA from all felons and enhanced discovery protections for criminal defendants, new rules to limit excessive executive compensation for organizations that do substantial business with the state, and several other initiatives.</p> <p> Jeremy is the latest in a long tradition of Jenner &amp; Block attorneys who have served on special commissions at the state and federal level.&nbsp; Jeremy previously served as deputy director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, where he developed and prosecuted numerous high-profile election law cases to protect voters’ rights and reduce corruption.</p> <p> Jeremy said of his appointment: “I am honored to serve on this important commission, devoted to drafting a plan to implement the Governor’s progressive vision for juvenile justice reform and increasing the age of criminal responsibility.&nbsp; That reform is long overdue in New York, and must be implemented to help young people avoid recidivism and lead productive lives as members of the community. &nbsp;I am also pleased to be continuing Jenner &amp; Block’s tradition of providing leadership on public initiatives such as this.”</p> <p> The news release from Gov. Cuomo’s office can be found <a href="">here</a>.</p> 9 Apr 2014 Suskin Discusses Importance of Internal Controls when Mutual Funds' Assets Increase Significantly <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Howard S. Suskin</a> is quoted in a March 25, 2014, article in <em>BoardIQ </em>that discussed the trend towards high concentration of mutual fund flows to large money managers.&nbsp; Howard discussed the importance of enhanced internal controls and oversight functions when mutual funds’ asset bases increase significantly.&nbsp; <em>BoardIQ </em>is a Financial Times publication.</p> 25 Mar 2014 Kohlmann Profiled in <i>Law360</i>’s Series on “Female Powerbrokers” <p> Jenner &amp; Block Partner <a href="">Susan J. Kohlmann</a> is featured in a <em>Law360</em> series on “female powerbrokers.”&nbsp; In “<a href="">Female Powerbrokers Q&amp;A: Jenner's Susan Kohlmann</a>,” Susan answers six questions about her career: 1. how she broke into what many consider to be an “old boys’ network”; 2. the challenges of being a woman at a senior level; 3. a time when she encountered sexism and how she handled it; 4. advice she would give to an aspiring female attorney; 5. advice to a law firm looking to increase the number of women partners; and 6. an attorney outside the firm whom she admires.</p> 10 Apr 2014 Terrence Truax To Lead Jenner & Block as Managing Partner <p> Jenner &amp; Block LLP today announces that <a href="">Terrence J. Truax </a>– a 26-year veteran of the firm and co-chair of its Patent Litigation and Counseling Practice – has been elected managing partner, effective May 1, 2014.&nbsp; He will succeed <a href="">Susan C. Levy,</a> who leaves the 450-attorney firm at the end of April to assume her new position as executive vice president and general counsel at Northern Trust Corporation.</p> <p> Mr. Truax served on the firm’s Management Committee starting in January 2007 and subsequently has served on the firm’s Policy Committee since 2009.&nbsp; Mr. Truax joined Jenner &amp; Block as an associate in 1988 and was promoted to partner in 1997.&nbsp; Based in the firm’s Chicago office, Mr. Truax has represented clients from around the world and has been involved in some of the firm’s most complex and high-profile matters.&nbsp;</p> <p> Mr. Truax has been instrumental in the direction and execution of the Jenner &amp; Block’s Patent Litigation and Counseling practice, the firm’s antitrust-related work and its relationships with several leading Japanese, European and U.S.-based corporations.</p> <p> Jenner &amp; Block Chairman <a href="">Anton R. Valukas</a> said of Terry:&nbsp; “Terry is the right person to take on the role of managing partner at Jenner &amp; Block.&nbsp; He has strong leadership skills and management experience and has the confidence of our clients and partners.&nbsp; He is an exceptional attorney.&nbsp; Terry also strongly embodies the firm’s core values, managing a significant personal practice while also maintaining an active pro bono practice and commitment to the community.”</p> <p> Mr. Truax is a past recipient of the Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Pro Bono Award and serves on the Pro Bono Executive Committee.&nbsp; He has mentored dozens of young associates through the years and has been a passionate proponent of the firm’s focus on talent and career development.&nbsp; He currently serves as chair of the board of Breakthrough, a nonprofit headquartered in East Garfield Park, Chicago, which provides overnight housing and jobs programs for men and women, a youth development program and a fresh food program.&nbsp; Mr. Truax also has been involved with Cabrini Green Legal Aid for many years as both a director and advisory board member and is presently a board member of the Chicago Bar Foundation.</p> <p> “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve my partners at Jenner &amp; Block in the role of managing partner.&nbsp; My predecessor and friend Susan Levy has set a very high bar to follow.&nbsp; But, I am excited about the expanded opportunity to collaborate with a very talented group of partners and other colleagues across our national platform,” Mr. Truax said.&nbsp; “Our unique brand of serving our clients and the greater community has endured for 100 years, and we are committed to building on that legacy in the years to come.”</p> <p> Mr. Truax obtained his law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law, with honors, in 1988 and his B.A. from Florida State University in 1983.</p> 14 Apr 2014 Firm Fends off Challenge to General Dynamics Contract <p> The firm successfully fended off a challenge to a $562 million government contract awarded to client General Dynamics.&nbsp; At issue was a complaint by AM General LLC over the U.S. Special Operations Command’s decision to award a contract for 1,297 light troop carriers to General Dynamics.&nbsp; After the Government Accountability Office denied AM General’s protest last year, AM General took the case to court.&nbsp; The U.S. Federal Claims Court recently rejected the protest, and AM General said it did not plan to appeal.&nbsp; The team representing General Dynamics includes Partners <a href="">David A. Churchill</a>, <a href="">Kevin C. Dwyer</a> and <a href="">Daniel E. Chudd</a> and Associates <a href="">Charles L. Capito</a> and <a href="">Ethan E. Marsh</a>.&nbsp; News of the Court’s decision was covered in <em><a href="">Law360.</a></em></p> 14 Apr 2014 African-American Affinity Group Volunteers to Help Fifth Graders “Discover Chicago” <p> On Saturday, April 5, 2014, several members of Jenner &amp; Block’s African-American Affinity Group participated in a “Discover Chicago” program at the Charles R. Henderson Elementary School on Chicago’s south side.&nbsp; Sponsored by Chicago Cares, a not-for-profit that develops and supports volunteer programs to address critical needs in the Chicago area, the program is designed to give fifth grade students an up-close look at Chicago’s history, culture and architecture while encouraging the students to build social skills through cooperative work.&nbsp;</p> <p> The volunteers – Partner <a href="">Mercedes M. Hill</a> and Associates<strong> </strong><a href="">Precious S. Jacobs</a>, <a href="">Tamara T.&nbsp; McClatchey</a> and <a href="">William L. Von Hoene</a> – utilized art projects, books, games and other interactive activities to share their backgrounds with the students and help the students learn about Chicago.&nbsp;</p> <p> The African-American Affinity Group is one of five Jenner &amp; Block affinity groups that play an important role in creating and maintaining an inclusive and supportive environment within the firm.&nbsp; The group&nbsp;focuses on networking, recruiting/retention and professional development, meeting on a regular basis to provide members with informal mentoring and opportunities to connect with professional organizations externally.&nbsp; The four other affinity groups are the Women’s Forum, the Asian Lawyers Forum, the Hispanic Lawyers Forum and the LGBT Forum.</p> 5 Apr 2014 11th Circuit Rules Florida's Voter Purge Violated Federal Law <p> The Eleventh Circuit ruled that Florida’s systematic program that aimed to remove suspected non-citizens from the state’s voter rolls in 2012 was unlawful, because the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) prohibits such systematic purges within 90 days of a federal election. &nbsp;The decision explained that the NVRA strikes a “careful balance” by prohibiting systematic removal programs “for the 90 days before an election because that is when the risk of dis[en]franchising eligible voters is the greatest.”&nbsp; This is the first decision in the country to interpret the NVRA as limiting such purges to the period outside the 90-day window.</p> <p> Partner <a href="">Marc Goldman</a> argued the case and led the team that included a collation of civil rights groups, as well as Associates <a href="">Marina K. Jenkins</a> and <a href="">Lindsay Eyler Kaplan</a>.&nbsp; Marc’s argument is described and quoted in an article published in <a href="">Law360</a>.&nbsp; The Eleventh Circuit ruling is described in multiple articles such as <a href="">one</a> in the <em>Miami Herald</em>. &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> 1 Apr 2014